Friday, July 3, 2009

Pay it Forward Fridays

Last week I started Pay it Forward Fridays. To see the original post click here.

I am not sure what my random act of kindness will be today, but I will make sure to update as soon as it happens.

I would like to share with you a few people that have recently payed it forward and their generosity has warmed my heart. I am going to put together a donation to the NICU at Good Samaritan Hospital in honor of Tarynn's birthday. I would like to donate some preemie outfits, reading material, ect. Another thing I was really interested in donating was preemie hats. Preemies are unable to regulate their body temperature and as most heat escapes through the head having a little hat is important. Tarynn had the cutest little yellow crocheted beanie on when I got to see her for the first time. I asked the nurses where it came from and they informed me that people donated them. The benefit of this little hat was twofold. It kept her warm, but it was also comforting to me as a parent. Before she was able to wear clothes, it was the one personal item she had. The NICU is also filled with multiple "beds" and they move them around based on the nurse scheduling. Your baby is not always in the same place when you arrive from one day to the next. I could always find Tarynn by looking for her little yellow hat.

I am trying to learn to crochet, because this is something I would love to donate. I have been practicing, but I don't think I will be able to make hats by September. I knew there are so many talented artists on, so I decided to see if anyone was interested in donating. I put up and alchemy request and in a matter of minutes had many responses. My request got taken down in a few hours (can't ask for donations, OOPS!!), but in that few hours I received an overwhelming number of responses, and these adorable little hats starting rolling in.

These etsians have been so kind and generous and I am so thankful. I'm sure the recipients of these adorable little hats will be as well. I will make a post in the near future with pictures of that hats and information if you are interested in making a donation. I wasn't going to post about this for awhile, but I couldn't wait to share the kindness from these crafters.

Yarn Graphics

Signature Boutique

Leaping Lizzie

Conixon Creations

Crafting Addiction

The Fiddlin Trucker

Kenda Designs

Gems 2 Jewels

While you sleep I crochet

99 Lollipop

Sunshine Handmade Knits

Uniquely Yours Crafter

Schiers Knits

If an Hour

Judy and Cheryl's craft boutique

Check out there shop's and please leave a comment with a random act of kindness you did for someone today or if you were the recipient of a random act of kindness.

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  1. I'm not sure if thise counts, but since DH is off today he's done everything with DD w/o being asked. I got to take a nap and he's bather her and put her down for 2 naps already! Such a blessing to have a mommy break.