Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thrifty Thursdays

Here are some of my thrifty finds for the week. I am missing a few pictures because they are on my other phone and I have no way to get them off.

I answered a craigslist ad for baby girl clothes. The poster just had a little boy and needed to clear out some space. When I arrived at her house I understood why. Between the 3 year old little girl and 4 month little boy there was toys and clothes taking up every square inch of her house. She brought the boxes and boxes of clothes and toys into the living room for me to look at. I was impressed, out of all the clothes I looked at only 2 or 3 were stained. I wanted to ask her for her laundry secrets.

I chose 36 items of clothing. She wanted me to buy the entire lot, but some of them were off season or just didn't look like they would fit. (Tarynn has very short legs) I got a ton of footed jammies--my absolute favorite. I hate buying them though. $8 a pair adds up and Tarynn usually goes through 2 pairs a night.

I also got an activity table and a ton of toys. I gave her $45.

Here is a pic of the table and one of my fave items of clothing, a crocheted little pancho.

My neighbours had a garage sale this weekend and I found a few good finds. I have been looking for shelves for Tarynns room. She has a few picture frames I would like to display and the dressers and bookshelf are out of room. I found two white shelves and this really cool veggie steamer thing for $5. I'm excited about the steamer too. It's made out of ceramic or something and you can put it on top of the pot and it will steam the vegetable and then it can go straight to the table as a serving dish. It will also be great from steaming veggies for Tearynn. Anything that cuts down on dishes is a winner in my book. They also threw in a pair of riding pants and 2 jerseys for Chop.

Target donates to our local Goodwill, so you can often find brand new items with damaged packaging. I actually got Tarynn's bedding there for $20. I rarely, however, go because it is sooo dirty. This week I wandered into Gilroy's Goodwill and it was so much better. I don't feel any guilt about buying from them because you don't pay sales tax at GW. I was way more clean and organized, and had a better selection. I found a little unicorn that lights up and sings for $2.99. Tarynn is still a little to small for it, but my friends 4 year old son has sure been enjoying it. I also bought a small blow up pool and a big pack of plastic balls and made Tarynn a ball pit. I wish I had a picture to show you. When I reconnect that phone I will have to post pics because it is too darn cute. I also got a few other toys. All in all my total was $23. Awesome.

Sorry for the bad pics. They are with my old camera phone. If the items look grungy, they are not. It's because of the camera.

So, with all these thrifty purchases I've been making my house has been taken over by primary colors. And you know what Tarynn wants to play with: the remote, my phone, and the computer!!!!!

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  1. I wandered for the first time into the GoodWill in town this year and noticed all the 'new' items from Target and wondered how they got all that stuff.

    The crotchet poncho is cute.