Thursday, April 23, 2009


In my effort to reduce waste and be thrifty I am going to try to go with as many "previously owned" items as I can stomach.

Before I left to Sac last week I did a quick closet clean out. I grabbed a few jeans I will never squeeze into again and few hideous baby outfits. Upon arriving in Sac, Chop and I headed to Once Upon a Child. I handed them said outfits and they handed me $11.67. One man's trash is another man's treasure.

I had been wanting to get Tarynn an exersaucer, so we started browsing around. The used ones in the store were selling for around $50. While it was only half the price of a new one, it seemed a little steep for a used toy. I told him we would wait a couple days to decide.

The next day Stephany and I headed to Crossroads. I handed them my old jeans and they handed me a credit for $17 cash or $27 store credit. I decided to use the store credit because I have no pants that fit. They had some cute 7's and Joe's jeans, but I was determined to not come out of my pocket at all. I ended up going with two pairs of American Eagle jeans. They are def not my new fav jeans, but totally good for casual days. (99% of my days are casual days so they are perfect) Plus, I figured I can sell them back when I'm done losing weight and ready to invest in some jeans I love.

I was still thinking about the exersaucer one morning when I sat down at the computer. My stepdad had left a window open with a Craigslist search he was doing. Why didn't I think of that? I typed in baby toys and pages and pages came up. A lot of people were looking to make some money, but I knew there had to be somone that just wanted the stuff out of their house.

Then there it was, an exesaucer in good condition, the lady just wanted it out of her house, $10. I also found an activity table in a similar ad for $5. I am a huge germaphobe, so after a good scrub down and some disinfecting Tarynn was enjoying her new toys.

We are heading back today and I am on a mission to find a jogging stroller and this pink car walker.


Activity Table

Tarynn enjoying her new toys


  1. Ah welcome to my world. We made our only 'new' purchase for the house yesterday. Energy efficient washers and dryers. Other than that, I'm getting craigslist savvy. Thank God we have 3 girls, hand me downs are great!

  2. I am probably the last person anyone would expect complements from. I am your mother in law...and yes, I am so, so proud of you.... And the choices you have made for my Angle> Love Grammie....