Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oprah struck a nerve with Chop today

Chop and I were watching Oprah's show today regarding over consumption. We decided to modify her challenge for our own household. In case you didn't tune in one family went without shopping and electronics for a week. A single gal reduced her grocery bill, shopping ,trips to the hair salon,and water consumption.

We brainstormed a bit and there is no way we can go without tv or the internet, but we are going to cut at least an hour of tv watching a day. We will replace it with reading, walking, or going to the dog park.

We can't really cut our grocery bill, but we can try to make the food go further and be better about using the leftovers. I have also been composting and am going to plant a small veggie garden.

I am going to try to cut my showers down to 15 minutes and Chop will cut his to 7. We are also going to turn the water off while brushing our teeth.

Wish us luck and if we think of anything else I'll let you know.

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  1. I love salads, so I planted a little veggie garden. Saved some $$$. I also recycle everything. You don't get a lot from plastic/bottles, but it can add up. Good luck!