Saturday, June 13, 2009

Product Rave

I have very sensitive skin and a strong family history of breast cancer so I always use all natural bath and body products. (The correlation between breast cancer and bath products deserves it's own post as I've mentioned before and one day I will take the time to post it)Living in such a small town we have very limited shopping options, no natural foods store, and the stores we do have do not carry their full inventory. I used to have to drive to Santa Cruz or stock up while in Sacramento on face wash, body wash, lotions, ect. Last year I discovered that Vitamin World (there is one in Gilroy) has a section of natural products and this year I discovered that Target and Walmart are carrying some Alba products. While I have a little bit easier access to natural products, I still have to leave town to get them and go to multiple stores. Better, but still frustrating. I try and like to shop locally, but in Hollister it is very difficult.

Now to the point of this post...

I went to the farmer's market last Wed and came across the Foxhollow Herb Farms' booth. They had quite a selection of products from soap to lotions to body scrub and much more. I picked up an exfoliating salt scrub. The 16 oz. container is only $10. If you have any experience buying natural products you know that is a great deal. The salt is pretty fine which makes it last longer. I have been using the ALBA brand, which I like but the salt is very chunky, so it only lasts me one week. At $12.99 that gets expensive. The Foxhollow scrub is perfect for daily use.

If you are not familiar w/ natural products a salt scrub can be used daily in leui of soap. The oils cleanse your skin and are less drying that soap. The ingredients in the Foxhollow scrub are Olive, grapeseed, and almond oil, salt, vitamin E, and essential oil of grapefruit. (NO PARABENS YAY!!!) Now if you are actually dirty you may want to use soap, but for an average day the soap and salts will provide enough cleansing. They carry lavender and orange, peppermint and spearmint, and grapefruit. This is my only gripe w/ their product line. I don't like citrus or mint smells. I wish they had something fruity, floral, or like vanilla or brown sugar. I chose grapefruit as it's fragrance was the most mellow of the bunch.

I can't wait to try the face wash, lotions, and clay mask. Maybe I will have a local place to buy all of my bath products:)

Foxhollow's website

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