Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tarynn's first time in the pool

After the March of Dimes walk I decided to reward myself w/ a relaxing Sunday afternoon in the pool. My friend Diane had us over to her fantastic home and we enjoyed a day of lounging in the pool. I am so in love w/ her backyard that I informed her and her husband I will be using their pool house as a summer home. Diane and I enjoyed some ice cold Coronas and Tarynn had some frozen mango.

Slowly but surely the entire baseball team trickled in and we made hot dogs and smores. The boys played some baseball and the day ended w/ a dads against kids basketball game which got pretty intense. The boys drew blood...literally!!!! All in all it was a perfect Sunday afternoon.

*Do not buy this floatie. The head kept whacking her in the face.

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