Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tarynn got her first car!!!!

I tried and tried to find this walker used w/ no success. This color was only available online, so I'm thinking not that many people had it to sell. Why does everything I like have to be online only? I scoured the net and found it for only $69 at, not bad compared to $100 at Babies R Us. There was one catch $30 shipping charge. That took away almost all of my savings. There went my being able to justify buying it.

Then I saw it. Spend over $150 and free shipping. Hmmm, I decided to buy I got a black one for baby Sebastion!!!! I also found a cute onsie for him that says Born Lucky and got myself some bottle brushes.

Tarynn is trying to crawl w/ all her might. She has started getting the push up position and lunging forward then belly flopping. So funny.

Sibling Bonding

Poor Daisy :(


  1. OMG I love the look she gets when in deep concentration. I want to bite her cheeks. :)